terms & Information

  • The time that Moart will use for the construction of the house will be 7 months from the signing of the contract and the advance of the work, once the construction is finished, there will be an additional 30 days for documentation, review and general cleaning.
  • The price of your house, once the contract is signed and the finishes determined, does not change.
  • Payment structure: 50% at the signing of the contract, the remaining 50% will be divided into the 7 months of the work.
  • During construction we send videos weekly informing about the progress.
  • We guarantee 100% the proper functioning of your home, for one year.
  • The finishing touches are all from leading brands such as Helvex, Interceramic, Evans, B ticino, etc.

Our houses are delivered ready to move in.

Upon delivery of the finished project, the following is delivered: Settlement certificate, CD architectural project, CD electrical plans, gray, black and rainwater records plan, control list per tablet of the load center, receipt for payment of cadastral services, registration of the land registry, receipt property payment, property, notification of cadastral value, cadastral plan, construction guarantees, the guarantees of each equipment in the event of any damage and you can claim the guarantee.


The municipality of Tepoztlán covers some 242.4 km2, of which 86% correspond to Communal tenure, 7.6% to Ejidal tenure and 6.4% to Private Property.

Tepoztlán, being of Communal Tenure, does not have deed and it is not possible to process bank loans, Infonavit, or fovisste.


The transfer of ownership comprises two steps: the first, signing Assignment of rights and the second is the Proof of Possession, both are subject each to two assemblies before the Commissariat of Communal Assets of Tepoztlán, granting them each, after of their respective assemblies, which are monthly.

Instead of deeds, they are Assignments of Rights and Certificates that are made before the Commissariat of Communal Assets.

In the H. Municipal Council, in the Treasury in the Directorate of Cadastre and administration of contributions related to real estate, you register and they give you:

  • Cadastral registration
  • Cadastral Plan
  • Notification of Cadastral Value
  • Predial